DIY Homemade

Do It Yourself Recipes

DIY Homemade Cough Syrups

Here are 2 easy recipes for homemade cough syrup prepared from ginger,....

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DIY Homemade Bentonite Clay Face Masks for Acne

Bentonite clay is an incredible ingredient for beauty masks. Healing clays contain....

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DIY Homemade Peanut Butter

Making your own peanut butter at home is extremely easy. In fact,....

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DIY Homemade Spiced Turmeric Milk – A Miracle Health Drink

Turmeric milk is a traditional Ayurvedic drink to boost your health and....

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DIY Homemade Rose Water

Rose water is an excellent ingredient for beauty recipes for all skin....

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DIY Homemade Sea Salt Scrubs for Your Body

Sea salt scrubs are excellent for exfoliation to help slough off dead....

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Onion Juice for Hair Loss

DIY Homemade Onion Juice and Honey Hair Loss Treatment

Onion juice is one of the best home remedies for thinning hair....

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DIY Homemade Spiced Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass, also called fevergrass, is an aromatic herb mostly used in Indian,....

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DIY Homemade Natural Teeth Whitener

Though turmeric is notorious for leaving a yellow stain on almost anything....

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DIY Homemade Chocolate Face Mask for All Skin Types

Using a luscious and tempting chocolate face mask is great for maintaining....

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Easy Homemade DIY Oatmeal Mask for Eczema

Soothe your eczema and calm your angry skin with this easy oatmeal,....

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cucumber face mask

DIY Homemade Anti-Aging Cucumber Face Mask

A nourishing and hydrating cucumber mask is excellent for aging skin. Due....

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