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homemade deodorant

How to Make Homemade Natural Deodorant That Really Works

If your body allows you to go without deodorant for some days,....

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DIY Mouth Freshener to Get Rid of Bad Breath and Improve Digestion

Are you battling bad breath? Worry no more! Mixing up some common....

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DIY cooling cucumber facial spray

DIY Cucumber Cooling Spray to Refresh Your Skin

Who does not love a good facial mist in the sweltering heat....

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DIY beetroot green smoothie for lowering cholesterol

DIY Healthy Juices and Smoothies for Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol – the very word seems to scare us! Cholesterol is a....

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DIY detox smoothie

DIY Fat-Burning Detox Smoothie

According to experts, detoxification is a ‘spring cleaning’ process that arouses the....

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DIY goat's milk soap

DIY Goat Milk Soap for Softer and Smoother Skin

Today, homemade bath soaps are all the rage! It is a better....

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DIY papaya hair mask

DIY Papaya Hair Mask for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Dull and dry hair can make anyone go crazy and look for....

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how to make green tea lemonade

How to Make Green Tea Lemonade for Weight Loss

The constant struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to keep up....

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rice water diy

How to Use Rice Water for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Rice is a staple food in many regions, especially Asian countries like....

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DIY homemade toothpaste

DIY Homemade Natural Toothpaste to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Most of us start and end our day with brushing our teeth.....

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Why You Must Drink This Fresh Ginger Carrot Juice

A healthy body and glowing skin is what everyone desires to have.....

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powerful juice to get glowing skin

Get Glowing Skin with This Powerful Juice

Lifestyle factors, such as your eating habits, drinking habits, sleep pattern, hygiene....

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