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how to soften your stools naturally

How to Soften Your Stools Naturally

Are you passing stools that are hard, dry or lumpy? Are your....

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home remedies to treat ringworm in kids

Medic to Treat Ringworm in Kids

Ringworm is a fungal infection that occurs on the skin’s surface in....

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home remedies for receding gums

Medic for Receding Gums

When it comes to oral health, most of us think it’s about....

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home remedies for insect bites

Medic for Insect Bites

As the summer is here, there will be lots of bugs and....

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home remedies for swollen feet during pregnancy

Medic for Swollen Feet during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in life with its own pros and....

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health benefits of neem juice and how to make it

Amazing Health Benefits of Neem Juice and How to Make It

Neem, also known as Indian lilac, is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine.....

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Health News and Facts
is soy good for you

Is Soy Really Good for You?

With the growing popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, soy is being....

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bad habits that cause bloating

10 Bad Habits You Need to Stop Doing to Backent Bloating

Do you ever get an uncomfortable feeling of excessive fullness in your....

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Cuoihoi Cancer-Causing Foods that You Must Avoid

Cancer is a broad term for a group of many related diseases....

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medicinal herbs you can grow in your garden

10 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow At Home

For ages, people have been cooking with different types of herbs to....

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why sitting for too long is bad for your health

Why Sitting for Too Long is Dangerous for Your Health

In today’s technologically driven society, people are spending a lot more time....

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bad habits that damage your hair

Cuoihoi Bad Habits that Damage Your Hair

Hair is considered the pillar of beauty, which is why hair care....

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Do It Yourself Recipes
DIY beetroot green smoothie for lowering cholesterol

DIY Healthy Juices and Smoothies for Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol – the very word seems to scare us! Cholesterol is a....

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Why You Must Drink This Fresh Ginger Carrot Juice

A healthy body and glowing skin is what everyone desires to have.....

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DIY Homemade Rose Water

Rose water is an excellent ingredient for beauty recipes for all skin....

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DIY detox smoothie

DIY Fat-Burning Detox Smoothie

According to experts, detoxification is a ‘spring cleaning’ process that arouses the....

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DIY Homemade Sea Salt Scrubs for Your Body

Sea salt scrubs are excellent for exfoliation to help slough off dead....

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DIY hibiscus flowers hair mask

DIY Hibiscus Hair Masks for Beautiful and Silky Hair

Dry hair seems to have become the order of the day for....

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With Super Health Benefits

Cuoihoi Superfoods for Your Heart

Eating properly is as important for your heart health as regular exercise.....

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Cuoihoi Superfoods to Suppress Appetite

The appetite is both a psychological and physical phenomenon. When we see....

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Cuoihoi Superfoods for Healthy Nails

Believe it or not, the visible part of your nails is dead....

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Cuoihoi Superfoods to Boost Fertility

Having a baby is one of life’s most desired and precious events.....

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Cuoihoi Anti-Allergy Superfoods

Allergies are one of the top reasons that people in the United....

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10 Superfoods to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common causes of dementia. It....

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Mother and Baby

How to Deal with Vomiting During Pregnancy

While some women sail through pregnancy with ease, for many it can....

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How to Deal with a Backache during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and backaches go hand in hand! In fact, back pain is....

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How to Get Rid of Loose Skin after Pregnancy

Congratulations on the birth of your little angel! Now that you’ve successfully....

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Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Keeping your body hydrated during pregnancy is very important. Filtered water is....

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Medic for Gas during Pregnancy

The beautiful experience of being pregnant is also associated with some embarrassing....

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How to Treat Acne during Pregnancy

Acne is a common skin problem during pregnancy. Acne during pregnancy can....

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Tips and Remedies

How to Help Your Dog Overcome Stress

Your canine friend is a valued member of your family, and it’s....

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Medic to Deal with Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

If your dog is scratching constantly, it’s not a good sign! In....

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How to Deal With Matted Hair on Your Dog or Cat

If you do not keep your dog and cat well-groomed, sooner or....

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10 Signs and Symptoms that Your Dog is Sick

It’s a real fact of life that, just like humans, dogs can....

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Know How to Protect Older Dogs from Injuries

Any pet owner knows how fast a new puppy becomes a beloved....

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How to Treat and Backent Urinary Tract Infections in Cats

Urinary problems like urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common in cats. They....

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At Cuoihoi, we believe in naturopathy and holistic healing. We seek to provide natural alternatives that are free of any harmful side-effects. From helping you maintain a healthy pregnancy to providing you with scientifically-validated home remedies for conditions like heartburn, influenza, constipation, molluscum contagiosum, and hypothyroidism, to name a few, we do our best to ensure that you stay fit and disease-free.

We also seek to share vital information relating to the early signs and symptoms of commonly prevalent cancers including breast, ovarian, pancreatic, cervical, and colon cancers. While we hope that you remain cancer-free, in case you do have any of the signs timely detection can significantly improve your odds. Our remedies are well-researched and also reviewed by health experts. We do not take any risks when it comes to your health. Our team consists of health enthusiasts with a zest for living life to its fullest and helping others do the same.