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treat pimples in the ear

Medic to Deal with a Pimple in Your Ear

Acne is the most common skin problem in the United States. About....

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arnica herb benefits

Know the Different Uses of Arnica

Arnica, also known as arnica montana, is one of the most beneficial....

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inverse psoriasis symptoms

Medic for Inverse Psoriasis

When it comes to psoriasis, we often think of scaly skin patches....

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take natural painkillers intead of otc

Unbelievable Painkillers that You Have in Your Home

Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen — known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) —....

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feat benefits of calendula flowers

Know the Benefits of Calendula Flowers

Bright orange and yellow calendula flowers, also known as pot marigolds, add....

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Know the Uses of Chamomile for Beauty Purposes

As most cosmetic and beauty products are usually loaded with chemicals, more....

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Health News and Facts
genius beauty hacks every woman should know

10 Genius Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

A “hack” is a colloquialism that means any quick and clever solution....

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regrow vegetables and herbs from scratch

10 Vegetables and Herbs that You Can Regrow Again and Again from Kitchen Scraps

Vegetables and herbs are something that you need handy almost every day,....

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10 most common allergy triggers

10 Most Common Allergy Triggers

Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United....

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how to remove negative energy from your home

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Home is the place where you should feel safest and most secure.....

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bad beauty habits causing wrinkles

10 Bad Beauty Habits that are Giving You Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a part of aging and people often start noticing them....

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10 foods you should avoid eating to lose weight

10 Foods You Should Never Eat if You Want to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not easy, but growing awareness of the health impacts....

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Do It Yourself Recipes
how to make cold compress

How to Make a Cold Compress at Home and Its Benefits

When you make a first aid box, a cold pack is one....

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DIY Homemade Papaya Face Mask for Beautiful Skin

Treat yourself with a simple yet effective papaya face mask to get....

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orange peel mask

DIY Homemade Orange Peel Face Mask

A face mask prepared from orange peels may sound like a strange....

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apple night cream recipe

DIY Homemade Night Cream made from Apple

After having suffered at the hands of pollution and stress all through....

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DIY Homemade Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel Skin Moisturizer

Why buy expensive, chemical-laden moisturizers when you can make your own homemade....

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cucumber face mask

DIY Homemade Anti-Aging Cucumber Face Mask

A nourishing and hydrating cucumber mask is excellent for aging skin. Due....

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With Super Health Benefits

Cuoihoi Superfoods for Healthy Hair

Both men and women desire to have beautiful, healthy hair, but few....

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Cuoihoi Super Foods that Fight Stress

Due to hectic lifestyles, many people experience stress. It is a known....

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Cuoihoi Superfoods for Women

Women lead busy lives – taking care of the family, raising the....

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Cuoihoi Superfoods That Improve Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding is one of the best gifts that a new mother can....

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Cuoihoi Superfoods for Teeth

Brushing, flossing and other oral health practices are important for preventing cavities,....

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Cuoihoi Dopamine Superfoods that Make You Happy

Are you feeling a bit down or having mood swings lately? You....

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Mother and Baby

10 Shocking Things that Happen to Your Body after Giving Birth

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through lot of changes. Although the....

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10 Things about Vaginal Birth Recovery You Need to Know

After nine months of pregnancy during which you experienced a lot of....

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10 Pregnancy Symptoms that You Should Not Ignore

Pregnancy is not just an expanding waistline. Hormonal changes during pregnancy bring....

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Medic for Gas during Pregnancy

The beautiful experience of being pregnant is also associated with some embarrassing....

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10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy

“Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation,....

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10 Common Postpartum Body Problems and How to Deal With Them

By the time your baby is born and you have successfully settled....

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Tips and Remedies

10 Signs and Symptoms that Your Dog is Sick

It’s a real fact of life that, just like humans, dogs can....

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How to Calm a Dog Suffering From Thunderstorm Phobia

If your dog is fearful of thunder, then you are not alone.....

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How to Remove Your Dog’s Tear Stains

No matter how much you take care of your dog, they often....

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Cuoihoi Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Over the past decade, one product that has stolen the limelight in....

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10 Exercises that will Extend Your Dog’s Life

Dogs need daily exercise, irrespective of their age and breed. A good....

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Know About the Common Health Problems in Senior Dogs

Life is really short. This is especially true for a dog. In....

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At Cuoihoi, we believe in naturopathy and holistic healing. We seek to provide natural alternatives that are free of any harmful side-effects. From helping you maintain a healthy pregnancy to providing you with scientifically-validated home remedies for conditions like heartburn, influenza, constipation, molluscum contagiosum, and hypothyroidism, to name a few, we do our best to ensure that you stay fit and disease-free.

We also seek to share vital information relating to the early signs and symptoms of commonly prevalent cancers including breast, ovarian, pancreatic, cervical, and colon cancers. While we hope that you remain cancer-free, in case you do have any of the signs timely detection can significantly improve your odds. Our remedies are well-researched and also reviewed by health experts. We do not take any risks when it comes to your health. Our team consists of health enthusiasts with a zest for living life to its fullest and helping others do the same.